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Drag Racing
StreetBike Black List

Starting up a Black List for Bikes and in our Infancy we will try to keep it simple with the Rules

*Any and All StreetBikes
*Must follow general rules that apply to a bike: DOT Tire, lights, etc.
*Pass Track Tech Inspection
*Any Single Power Adder
*Single or Multi-Stage Clutches allowed, NO Slider
*No Round or Flat slicks
*Must be able to run down to the QuickyMart 5-10 miles away and back

That's about it, if there are issues we can address them here or PM.
Spots of this List will be determined at the Street Legal Shootout Race, Kansas International Dragway
May 3, 2014

If not on the List you will call out the number 10 spot to receive your spot. You have a week to Answer your Call-Out, 2 weeks at the most. Any call outs can be made on the website under the forum "The List".

Contenders of the Black List in no particular order: Josh Affholder, Tim RedRobbins, Robert Williams, Jockey Smallwood, Dennis Allen, John Fitzpatrick, Chad OneUpper, Eric Smolies, Cody Bardgil, Shawn Clark, The Cyrs, Jason Kots, Lathan Haug, Joey H (ZX10), and myself

Lastly there is just a Crown to be had by the Top Spot of this List at the end of the Year, No Monetary Value as of yet.

by LudNess, Wednesday, 16 April 2014 08:46 [ Read all ]
Drag Racing
Anyone heading out to the first track day?

Got a few things to finish up, hope to get a few test/tune passes in.

by Forcefed86, Saturday, 15 March 2014 00:05 [ Read all ]
Drag Racing
Street Legal Shootout rules

Street Legal Shootout Rules
Kansas International Dragway
May 3, 2014

General Rules:
• All cars will meet at Kansas International Dragway and do a total 30 mile cruise & immediately return to the track
• No Chase vehicles allowed, we will not be stopping. If you fall behind the follow vehicle you will be disqualified, each competitor and crew will be responsible during the cruise and bear the full responsibility of their actions as they would on city streets. Please be safe and follow all traffic laws during the cruise
• Vehicle must be street legal with Current Registration, Tag, and Insurance (Bring Proof incase questioned)
• Tires must be D.O.T. approved (any size) FWD cars can run slicks to keep them competitive and time will be allowed to change tires after the cruise.
• Driver and Passenger windows must be operational
• Mufflers required except turbo cars
• Operational Headlights, Tail lights & Turn Signals
• 2 front seats or full bench seat, No totally gutted interior. Must have carpet and stock appearing dash, all cages allowed
• You will get 2 qualifying passes.
• No Times will be posted or given until eliminations, only event organizers will have times
• No Sandbagging during qualifying (You must run your car hard every pass for proper class placement)
• Pro Tree (all three large amber lights will flash simultaneously, followed four-tenths of a second later by the green light)
• Must be self-starting
• Cars will be paired using an NHRA Pro Ladder, Faster qualified car has lane through eliminations
• We will try to hold each Street class to around 16 cars filling Extreme then Street A,B,&C
•After qualifying you will be placed in your class. A breakout time will be posted of .3 faster than the fastest qualified time for Street class A,B,C, High school, and bike class ( so if number one qualifier in your class runs 11.30 no one in that class can run faster than 11.00)

Each car will only be allowed to enter one class

Classes: All classes will run 1/4 mile

Extreme Street: Sponsored by Mid States Auto Sales
This will be our top 8 cars after qualifying
Extreme will pay a minimum $750 winner $400 runner-up $150 semis

Street Class A,B & C( A fourth class which would be the (D) class will be added if car count is high enough to support it or sponsorship is acquired for it)
Street A, B & C cars will be divided evenly into each class after qualifying
• Street A: Sponsored by
• Street B: Sponsored by
• Street C: Sponsored by
Street class A,B,&C will pay a minimum $500 winner $250 runner-up $100 semis

True Radial: Sponsored by Wichita Material Recovery
All cars must meet General Rules
True Everyday Radial tires, No Drag Radials, Caps, Competition tires of any sort or Slicks. This also applies to FWD cars.
Run Watcha Brung
Payouts will be: $1000 to win, $400 runner-up and $100 semis ($100 bonus to anyone that beats Skinnies white coupe in eliminations)

High school class: Sponsored by
This class will be for 18 and under school kids and pay a minimum $300 winner $150 runner- up $75 semis

Bike Class: Sponsored by
• Bikes must follow general rules that apply to a bike: DOT Tire, lights, etc.
• Single Power adder only
Bike class will pay a minimum $500 winner $250 runner-up $100 semis

Pre-Registration Entry will be $40($42 PayPal) for each of these classes & includes participant shirt, gate admission for racer and is open until April 21, after you will need to pay gate admission and $50 entry to us in person. Spectators will be $10 at the gate and 12 & under Free. Shirts will be given at the track & reserved to pre registered entries first.
Entry cards for pre-registered cars will be at the gate on the day of the race

Contact Info:
Shane Mock 316-210-7064 or email
Jeff Weilert 316-214-5473
Info will also be posted on Street Legal Shootout Facebook page, and Kansas International Dragway website

by Shane M, Sunday, 05 January 2014 19:56 [ Read all ]
Auto-Related Hangout Events
Import events?

Does anyone know if there are any import car shows or events happening in the near future? In Wichita or close to it that is.

by Rayne, Monday, 25 November 2013 08:44 [ Read all ]
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