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Thumbs down Matt Mitrione suspended

I can understand an organization for having a code of conduct for its fighters but IMO suspending Mitrione for his personal opinion seems a little excessive, especially when it comes to the subject matter.

Per UFC:

"The UFC was appalled by the transphobic comments made by heavyweight Matt Mitrione today in an interview on 'The MMA Hour.' The organization finds Mr. Mitrione’s comments offensive and wholly unacceptable and - as a direct result of this significant breach of the UFC’s code of conduct – Mr. Mitrione’s UFC contract has been suspended and the incident is being investigated. The UFC is a friend and ally of the LGBT community, and expects and requires all 450 of its athletes to treat others with dignity and respect."
How is that "transphobic" in any way? Mitrione gave an opinion of a man having a sex change then competing to beat up women. Mitrione doesn't sound like he's bashing transgendered people in any way shape or form and certainly doesn't have an unreasonable fear. He bashed Fallon Fox as an individual. I suppose that could breach the part about treating others "with dignity and respect", but c'mon, watch pre-fight interviews and all that dignity and respect flies out the windows. The UFC may not allow transgenders to compete but with statements such as the one they released they may as well.

Here's Matt Mitrione's quote from 'The MMA Hour':


"Because she's not a he. He's a he," "He's chromosomally a man. He had a gender change, not a sex change. He's still a man. He was a man for 31 years. Thirty-one years. That's a couple years younger than I am. He's a man. Six years of taking performance de-hancing drugs, you think is going to change all that? That's ridiculous.

"That is a lying, sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak," "And I mean that. Because you lied on your license to beat up women. That's disgusting. You should be embarrassed yourself. And the fact that Florida licensed him because California licensed him or whoever the hell did it, it's an embarrassment to us as fighters, as a sport, and we all should protest that. The woman that's fighting him, props to you. I hope you beat his ass, and I hope he gets blackballed and never fights again, because that's disgusting and I'm appalled by that."
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BS for sure
Originally Posted by QwikEVO View Post
that civic has untapped potential man
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I'm with Mitrione on this one, and I think it's ridiculous that he's been suspended. I'm sure he'll be back in in no time, though.
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**** trannies. Nasty creatures.
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